6 Ways to Build Your Confidence as a Leader

Feb 21, 2024

Confident leaders aren’t born; they are developed. We all have our fears as leaders, and if we wait to feel more confident before doing the things we are called to do, we will be waiting forever. 

Confidence is less of a feeling and more of a muscle. We have to use it and build it through resistance if we ever want to do heavy-lifting. So here’s some confidence-training exercises to help you develop your confidence as a leader:

1. Set aside a daily time for Bible reading, prayer and reflection.

You are pretty awesome. No doubt about that. BUT your greatest source of confidence will never be in yourself or your ability to control outcomes. The source of your greatest confidence is relying on the presence of God and trusting in him. He is with you, and when you seek Him first, He will provide you with the courage you need to lead boldly.

2. Operate in your strengths.

Knowing and owning your strengths isn’t a form of pride; it’s a form of praise! God gave you skills, talents and spiritual gifts to bring Him glory and be a blessing. Don’t hide them or minimize them. Grow in your awareness of your unique gifting and design and think through how you can leverage them more and more as a leader.

 3. Say ‘yes’ to opportunities that will challenge and stretch you.

Don’t wait till you feel qualified enough to try new things or do things outside of your comfort zone. The only way to get more experience or grow in your knowledge is by seizing opportunities that will develop and teach you.

4. Use your voice to make a positive impact.

Whatever spaces and environments God has placed you in, be clear on the contribution you can make. Don’t sit silently in a meeting you’ve been invited to– withholding good ideas, great questions, and helpful insights because you don’t want to rock the boat or come across a certain way. Be kind, be respectful, but don’t stay quiet when you have something worth saying. Use your voice to help, bless and add.

5. Seek out feedback that will help you grow.

Confident leaders don’t avoid feedback, they proactively seek it out. You don’t need everyone’s opinion on how you are doing, but you do need to hear from people who are for you, who will be honest with you, and have more knowledge and wisdom in areas you want to grow in. Great leaders also seek feedback from those they are leading, looking for ways they can better serve them.

6. Invest in your personal development.

Don’t wait for a mentor to come along and volunteer to invest in your potential. Self-lead. Read the books, take the classes, invest in time with a leadership coach, develop the relationships that will become spaces where you can learn and grow. Healthy leaders don’t think they have mastered it all; they are curious, humble, and hungry to learn.

Thanks for reading!

I pray this helps you grow in your confidence.

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