Lead with Love Cohort & Coaching with Nicole Smithee

Helping You Thrive as a Leader and Cultivate a Community of Support

I help female ministry leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs lead bravely and boldly without sacrificing their health and wellbeing! With over 20 years of ministry and business leadership experience, I know just how demanding leading others can be. Without the right support and encouragement, every leader is susceptible to isolation, discouragement, insecurity, and burnout. 

That doesn’t have to be your story. You were made for more, and Jesus has called you to better!

Through Lead with Love, you will:

Identify spiritual rhythms to keep your relationship with Jesus your first priority.

Move past mindsets that hinder your growth as a leader.

Leverage your unique leadership strengths.

Create positive momentum on your team.

Lead from compassion and conviction.

Commit to key habits for a healthier you.

Develop an action plan for your continued growth.

Cultivate comradery and support from other female Christian leaders.

My Approach

The world needs your leadership, and we need you leading healthy and strong. Let’s face it, that’s easier said then done. The challenges and pressures female Christian leaders are facing are at an all-time high. You most likely feel the pressure to have it all together and have it all figured out. You likely have more to-dos on your list than hours in the day, and your time and resources are being pulled in a number of different directions. More than ever, women feel the need to get it all done, all at once and all on our own. And sadly, discouragement, isolation and burnout come as a result. Women become casualties of their own calling— weary, tired, and disillusioned.

But that doesn’t have to be your story. Through Lead with Love, over 6 months, you’ll receive monthly one-on-one coaching with me to help you achieve your life and ministry/work goals. Plus, you will join a monthly shared learning environment with other like minded leaders where we we’ll learn from one another without competition and comparison, celebrate our diverse experiences, and create a safe space for us to be ourselves and receive prayer, wisdom and encouragement along the way.

Through Lead with Love, you will receive the tools and support to cultivate rhythms for health and success as you lead, and you’ll experience encouragement and accountability to help you take the steps needed to lead with love and lead from strength.

I pray you will join Lead with Love and experience new breakthroughs, deep friendships, and the support you deserve to help you thrive in your calling.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

In this 20 minute video call, we’ll discuss the ways you are looking to grow as a leader. I’ll walk you through an overview of the cohort and one-on-one coaching you’ll receive to achieve your goals and thrive in your calling. And we’ll schedule both your first Lead with Love cohort session and your one-on-one coaching session with me.


Meet Your Cohort and Begin Coaching

In your first cohort session, you’ll meet your fellow Lead with Love friends and jump into our first learning module. In between your monthly cohort sessions, you’ll be completing cohort assignments and meeting with me for one-on-one coaching to maximize your growth as a leader. Cohort sessions and one-on-one coaching take place over 6 months.

Reach Your Goals

Each cohort (90 minutes long) and coaching session (1 hour per session) will focus on key areas of personal growth as you progress towards your goals. In between cohort and coaching sessions, you will have reading and reflection assignments to complete and action steps based on your goals. I’ll be praying for you daily during this time and your fellow Lead with Love peers will be celebrating how God is moving in your life throughout our time together.

Lead with Love Package

In our time together, we’ll identify your top leadership goals, discuss the areas of growth needed and the practical tools necessary to achieve these goals. We’ll assess what Jesus is teaching you through this, and where and how he is leading you as you lead. We’ll also take some time to identify personal spiritual rhythms to prioritize your relationship with Jesus, and best practices for leading from spiritual strength. And we’ll determine key momentum-builders for your team, ministry, church or organization you lead. We’ll also develop an action plan for continued growth beyond our time together. 

$2000 one time fee (save $250) or $375 monthly fee for 6 months

More Details

Each Lead with Love cohort session is 90 minutes, and meets monthly. Each one-on-one coaching session with me is 60 minutes, and also meets monthly in between cohort sessions. Full payment or first monthly payment is due prior to the first cohort session and is non-refundable. Coaching sessions may be rescheduled with no cancellation fee. 

My time with Lead with Love was so impactful! I was able to connect with other godly female leaders who felt safe enough to share their wins and struggles. The books we read and the topics we covered were so practical to my ministry life. I can now take the tools I learned during my time and apply them to my leadership. Meeting as a group and one-on-one with Nicole was so important and has made me a better leader because I had the coaching I needed! 

Rachel, Children's Pastor

Nicole has transformed the way I view myself as a leader, pioneer, and follower of Jesus. Every time we meet one on one, I know I have her trust to be vulnerable and honest. I am always met with her care, active listening, sound advice, and purposed goal setting. Nicole models Christian leadership in all she does and it is evident in the cohorts she leads. She is always prepared and uses her insight and expertise to encourage and challenge others. She leads and coaches with intention towards someone’s potential. She is the real deal. Because of Nicole’s coaching, I have become a better communicator, co-worker, pastor, doula, mom, and human.

Sierra, Pastor and Doula

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