Lead with Love Cohort and Coaching (Deposit Already Paid)

6 Month Cohort & Coaching

In our time together, we’ll identify your top leadership goals, discuss the areas of growth needed and the practical tools necessary to achieve these goals. We’ll assess what Jesus is teaching you through this, and where and how he is leading you as you lead. We’ll also take some time to identify personal spiritual rhythms to prioritize your relationship with Jesus, and best practices for leading from spiritual strength. And we’ll determine key momentum-builders for your team, ministry, church or organization you lead. We’ll also develop an action plan for continued growth beyond our time together.

Each Lead with Love cohort session is 90 minutes, and meets monthly. Each one-on-one coaching session with me is 60 minutes, and also meets monthly in between cohort sessions. Full payment or first monthly payment is due prior to the first cohort session and is non-refundable. Coaching sessions may be rescheduled with no cancellation fee.

Through Lead with Love, you will:

Identify spiritual rhythms to keep your relationship with Jesus your first priority.

Move past mindsets that hinder your growth as a leader.

Leverage your unique leadership strengths.

Create positive momentum on your team.

Lead from compassion and conviction.

Commit to key habits for a healthier you.

Develop an action plan for your continued growth.

Cultivate comradery and support from other female Christian leaders.